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Explosives detection dogs

Premium trained and validated explosives detection dogs teams

Explosives Detection Dogs

Our progressive training processes are based on scientific, evidence-based and validated methods.

Explosion Detection

Our dogs are assessed for ability and undergo veterinary screening prior to commencement of our training program.The successful candidates are trained in scenarios including (but not limited to):

• Route
• Buildings
• Open area
• Vehicles
• Baggage
• Emergency response to known threats
• Entry control points

Explosion Detection

Being one of the few companies in Australia licensed to store and handle ‘live’ explosives means that our dogs are trained on authentic explosives, rather than synthetic ‘training aids’. Subsurface Canines utilizes a full range of substances that are deemed as ‘in use’ domestically, in addition to a substance range customized for overseas clientele.

We train in an array of locations to ensure they are well prepared for their working life.